Colorado Government and Online Sales Tax

8 March 2010

I received an email from this morning informing me that my account had been terminated due to the greed, lack of foresight, and, well, stupidity of the legislature of Colorado. No other state has such legislation. Its seems that the state wants to tax online sales, and Amazon will have no part of it. So they just shut off all accounts in the entire state! I guess they can do that, they are Amazon after all. (If in the future all restaurants will be Taco Bell, then all retail stores will be Amazon. This is a movie reference, citizen.)

So, I just wrote to my state representatives, and the governor, expressing my discontent with this legislation. (I did not use the word “discontent” as I am not sure if that is legal any longer. See text of Patriot Act.)

The process was not without glitches. The online form to “communicate” with the governor did not have a box for text. You could communicate, but only your contact information. Comments were not allowed.

After sending my first request with nothing more than that, I returned to find a box labeled “explanation” which I concluded must be the “comment” box.

In my comments (“explanation”), I outlined the illogical nature of the title of the box and suggested that a box for comments be labeled “comments” in my next email to the governor.

Now that I think about it, I may have forgotten to include my original comments, being so focused on the “comment” issue.

How does that text messaging abbreviation go? Oh yeah, WTF?

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy fact. Either that or we are truly surrounded, and governed, by idiots.

Babylon must fall.

2 Responses to “Colorado Government and Online Sales Tax”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Although there are aspects of the internet I like, I remain “old-school”. When I am really pissed off, there is nothing like good old paper and ink stuffed into an envelope with a stamp on it. The generic “They” don’t know what do do with such an oddity, so they have to form a committee to study it and then answer it in triplicate………..

  2. Love the comment. As someone who owns a stationery and pen store, writes on paper, and carries a couple of fountain pens,I agree there is nothing like paper and pen. I am in the process of writing a post for my Two Hands Paperie blog on writing instruments at this very moment.

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