It’s Not Exactly 5 AM, But…

26 April 2010

Oh well. Viewed another eviction in our neighborhood today.  As I walked down their alley with my son Nicolai, as we looked at all the kids toys, furniture, clothes, and art projects discarded and waiting for trash day, I couldn’t help but wonder how their children were affected. Not that I ever met them or their children.

Next we walked down the sidewalk in front of their house, what was their house.  There were piles of stuff, three big POD storage containers on the street, filled I assume, and enough stuff to fill 6 more? 8 more? Stuff.  Kids stuff, family stuff, stuff.  I wondered about the kids again.  How did this affect them?  I began to feel sorry for them, for the family and the kids.  Then I realised that this kind of thing can be avoided, that people are usually given chance after chance to get themselves out of messes like this before they actually get this far.  I realised that I have attempted to help people out of these situations on numerous occasions, tried to help them from running their lives further into the gutter.  And each time it came back to me in a bad way.

As a landlord I am responsible for my properties, but I also try to be socially responsible.  I haven’t thrown anyone out, yet.  I have always tried to help my tenants out, and every single time I have found myself on the bad end of the deal. That is EVERY time.

I looked at the piles of stuff again- there was a lot of it.  More stuff than I have, more stuff than anyone needs.  (Yes, that IS my opinion. Someone needs to have one.) These people spent money.  I noticed the satellite dish on the roof of the house that had just be secured by the Boulder County Sheriff. Why is it that the internet and cable are the last things to go when people are strapped for cash? The cable bill is paid, but the rent is not. The cell phone is kept on, but the power bill is late. The internet is functioning, but the water gets turned off.

I am at my end; I cannot offer my help to tenants again.  My sympathy has been used up, there is no more.

I have only this to say: molesta veritas.  The truth can be burdensome.  Face the truth, and deal with it.


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