The City of Irpin has been liberated from the Russian invaders. Here is what is left of it, from the Telegram channel Ищи своих:

City of Irpin- UN Satellite image and data

City of Irpin

Here is translated text from the Telegram post associated with above images:

Another city after getting to know the “Russian world”. This is Irpin, more precisely, what was left of it after the retreat of the Russian troops. 1060 buildings were destroyed or damaged: houses, schools, hospitals.

Here, according to preliminary data, about 300 civilians were killed. The dead were crushed by tanks, literally rolling into asphalt.
📸 The photos were taken by the UN satellite center Unosat on March 31, 2022 – three days after the liberation of Irpin from the invaders.


Russians continue their assault, but continue to do so at great cost. Here are updated Russian combat losses for today.

Russian Combat Losses as of 16 April, 2022

Russian Combat Losses as of 16 April, 2022