I do not pay attention to many things that are covered in the news, but I do tend to watch what happens in the Balkans.  An article in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (27-28 January, 2018) covers an ongoing dispute between Greece and Macedonia regarding the latter country’s name. The dispute, because of Greece’s resistance to the use of the name, keeps Macedonia out of NATO and the EU, which severely limits their prospects globally.

Greece claims ownership to the name Macedonia because of its reference to their own region of Macedonia. The WSJ article states that the countries may have reached an agreement which amounts to Macedonia changing or adding to its name- “New Macedonia” is one possibility.  I have been holding on to another idea that may solve the problem for years now.  What if Macedonia just offered Greece a few hundred dollars for the name? I mean, this is Greece ware talking about, and I am sure they could use the money.