My son and I both subscribe to the Investopedia website.  It has very informative articles sent out daily, and a stock simulator which allows you to lose digital, simulated currency playing the stock market instead of fiat currency in the real stock market. This morning’s email started out with an article on buying gold. I was struck by the fact that first on the list of ways to hold gold was through physical possession, something that has always been frowned upon by financial planners and most “investment experts.” Next came holding gold through ETF’s and stocks. There was even a reference in the article to planning for an “end-of-the-world” scenario.  It seems even the mainstream investment strategists are seeing the light, or darkness as it may turn out to be.

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Towards a Cashless Society

12 December 2016

It is clear that banks and, well, banks, are pushing the cashless society agenda. I for one will gladly submit to going cashless. That is if we are talking about doing away with our fiat paper currency, the Federal Reserve note. How about we replace those notes, not with digital currency (hell no!), but with something tangible, say silver and gold? I wonder what kind of effect that would have on our economy?! It would stop the Federal Reserve (not federal, nor with any “reserves”) from dictating our monetary policy any further, and let the markets naturally control themselves once again. That would be a start.