My comments for the day begin thus: Russians are falling perfectly into step with the oppressive, authoritarian state, and state sanctioned lies. The propaganda fed to them by the brutal, murderous state is not questioned; the subjects take it as gospel truth, as good Soviet (Putinist) citizens should.  The work of the KGB (FSB) makes sure that fear rules that country; anyone speaking out in any way is subject to arrest as a foreign agent, with 15 years ahead of them. If this is not history repeating itself, then I don’t know what is. See Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago, as I seem to be repeating in blog after blog. All of this just happened, and there are still people alive who saw it and lived it the last time.

Are we doing enough? From the Telegram channel Ищи своих, from 15 May, 2022 (translated using Google Translate):

West not doing enough to unseat Putin, Iranian analyst

“Regime change in any situation, be it in Russia, Iran or North Korea, will not be possible without the intervention of an internal factor or the people.”

Amir Taheri is sure: “Putin believes that the war in Ukraine will eventually be the first step towards the “Russification” of Europe. It is important to help the Russian people understand that Putin wants to go in the opposite direction of history and bring Russia to war with all of Europe.”

There you have it.  We are not doing enough- the US, Europe, the rest of the world. My immediate list- more opinions on my part- on what should be done:

  • Every penny that is in any way traced back to Russia should immediately go into a fund for the eventual rebuilding of Ukraine, or for the fight against Russia right now
  • Every Russian unit, every single soldier being held by Ukraine who was anywhere near the scene of any war crimes should be questioned, and if evidence indicates, put on trial immediately. The trials should be swift and just, more in keeping with Nuremberg- a year and half and they were completed. Not like the ICTY trials, and those still underway, in Bosnia- 30 years after the fact!
  • Every last resource available to us, those of us outside of Russia, should be used to bring Putin and his regime down- economic means, cyber warfare, sanctions against Russia and sanctions against US companies and multi-nationals who still do business in Russia (these in place until they leave Russia for good), and finally good old fashioned subversion and psyops (psychological operations)- getting alternative information- truth, into Russia through radio, TV, social media, and even in print. Spreading accurate information in a closed society is a form of subversion. Subversion is a tactic that can gain more ground psychologically than possibly any other.  We see a few overt, active  subversive acts going on- the firebombing of recruiting stations for example (level 3 subversion includes sabotage). These firebombings should be only the beginning.

Again, my opinions. And yes, they are harsh. But the survival of Europe as we know it, and… not to be too much of a doomsayer here, but… possibly even our SPECIES is at stake here.

Feeding the hungry in Ukraine–  an update from the World Central Kitchen.  They continue to feed so many people in Ukraine- 25 million meals served to date!  They are always in need of donations. See the links above, right.

Russian soldiers murdered by Putin so far- fast approaching twice the number who died in Afghanistan over the course of 10 years!

Russian combat losses as of 16 May 2022

Russian combat losses as of 16 May 2022


We are all aware at this point, we have all seen the images and footage of the war crimes (link reposted from Telegram channel Інтернет Війська України) committed by Russians in the city of Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, and elsewhere. What more can I say? Putin and the Russian army are now perpetuating crimes against humanity on the citizens of Ukraine, not to mention killing their own soldiers- over 18,000 so far. The world must take action, and it seems to be, according to the live blog at Aljazeera.

A side note is that demonstrations in Georgia in support of Ukraine clearly show that not everyone in all countries occupied by Russia will sit idly by.  Also take note of Bosnia and Kosovo asking for NATO membership out of fear of what the future may hold. My opinion- they should be granted membership, along with Finland and Sweden, immediately. Not too subtle, but then there is nothing subtle in the “tactics” of Russia either.

And let’s not forget, that what is happening in Ukraine is still fresh in the minds of many Bosnians. How quickly we forget the lessons of history.


russian combat losses as of 05 April 2022

Russian combat losses as of 05 April 2022- Putin’s murder of his own citizens.

There is a lot of talk now about the state, and bringing it down, about protest, justice, revolution, and civil war. Talk is talk, and it’s always there. But there is action behind the words today.  The question is, is this the action we really want? There is a big difference between revolution (what we likely need) and civil war- what we are heading towards and what we decidedly do not want. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you should do some reading. In summary, revolution is when people band together to replace a corrupt or non-functional government, or similar. Civil war is what happens when that government falls apart, and the people do not band together, not necessarily in that order. Revolution brings about change, civil war will bring suffering and death. Let’s look at civil war.

As a former “expert” in unconventional warfare, insurgency, counter-insurgency, and related topics, I feel I am justified and qualified in giving my two cents. By former I mean it was a long time ago- cold war and just after, by expert I mean 10 years in the US Army, Special Operations. And I didn’t have a desk job.

Further qualifications are my work as an anthropologist, many years of studying the country of Bosnia, its history, and its recent war, along with visits to the country in recent years, talking to people, interviewing them, and trying to understand what happened there, why it happened, and peoples’ reactions. If you are familiar with the war in Bosnia, keep it in mind as you read- everything below happened there, and much more. If you are not familiar, start by reading this post, then this one.

If our country continues on the current path, no matter what kind of solidarity we seem to have presently, no matter how many people march, or protest, or loot together, we will be in trouble. Oh, everything is fine now; after a night of looting and assaulting anyone associated with the state- fire crews, EMS workers, the news media, and of course police, the looters just go home. They have a beer, watch TV, sleep in their bed, get up and make breakfast. If our country continues on its downward path, that will change.

There will be interruptions in supply chains, already stressed and spread thin due to the coronavirus. It will be noticed first in food shortages. Meals will eventually get smaller,and some meals might disappear from your day altogether. You will be hungry, and lose weight. There won’t be any food pantries, or soup kitchens, or government issued debit cards to help, no 7-11 or Safeway to shop at.

Next you’ll see daily use and luxury goods disappearing- by this I mean everything from your shoes and clothes, to toothpaste, diapers, cigarettes and alcohol, car tires and gasoline. All prices will rise and black markets will be the norm.

There will be disruptions in communications- even cell phones, and your beloved TV. Forget about watching the game, or catching up on the “news” in video and soundbite form. Lines of communication are some of the first targets in unrest and war, including roads, bridges, phone lines, rail lines, television, newspapers, and the power stations and infrastructure that supply power for all of it to work.

Here are some questions you might want to consider. What if your child is deathly ill or injured, and the local hospital has been looted, blown up, or burned down and help no longer exists? What will you do then? How will you feel about sitting by and watching your child die?

If your house or apartment catches fire and there is no fire department to come and help, what would you do? What happens when the gas is turned off and there is no more stove to cook on, no more furnace to heat your house? How many candles and oil lamps do you have- there will be no power at this point and your life will be dark.  That wall switch will become an ornament that makes a familiar click, but does nothing else. And you can forget about running water in your apartment- you will be hauling it if you can find it at all.

Following the normal pattern, as all the solidarity fades away, it will be every man for himself. At this point you will see the factionalisation begin. There will be leaders, some good, but most not-so-good- the local gang, the neighborhood mafia, thugs who band together, even the militias you weren’t sure existed. Factions emerge based on ethnic origin, religion, race, and proximity. Besides the leaders there will be followers, mostly followers. You will be required to become a follower and vow to kill your neighbor at the behest of your new master, or you will perish.

Next will be conscription. At some point a faction will knock on your door. If you are a wife and mother, they will take your husband, and then your 13 or 14 year old son and send them to the front line, whatever that line may be. If they refuse to go, you will be burying them.  In a civil war, execution, torture, murder, slavery, and rape often become institutionalised. Consider that.

And then let’s not forget about the general crime and murder, the looting and burning that can accompany any war. Are you ready for that?

But wait, what about the police and military? Won’t they be here to protect me? Unlikely. Once martial law runs its course and hope fades, there will be some who hold out, but the majority of the police and military will be at home protecting their own families and communities.

The fact is, you will suffer, and you may die. If this happens, a lot of people will die.

If you think we have it bad in the United States today, you just wait. You will be dreaming of the good old days of gang violence, government corruption, and police brutality! You will think, “at least we had the Constitution, the First Amendment, and the Second, and all the rest.” You did have recourse, and could find help, albeit slow and inadequate. Not any more. Welcome to the dark ages.

If you think I am making all of this up, you didn’t pay attention in your high school history classes. Or perhaps they failed you, and left out the painful truth. A cursory glance at history confirms everything I am saying. There are thousands of years of data to back it all up. But you only need to look at the last 30 or so years, and take your pick of civil wars, countries, regions. And if you don’t see it, you are blind. Ever heard of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon? There are dozens more countries that will inform you of your potential future with their recent history. Give this some thought before you speak, or act. And try to inform others of where we may end up if we aren’t careful. Do this before it’s too late.



While I do not deny that I am a “cautious fellow” in all respects, I do try to look on the bright side when life turns dark. From long ago and far away, I often recall a phrase we used in the Army to “brighten our spirits”; that would be “it could be worse; it could be raining.”

For today, I am thankful that drunken nationalists from a neighboring country are not shelling my town from a nearby hillside, and that snipers are not trying to kill me as I tend my garden in the back yard.