Towards a Cashless Society

12 December 2016

It is clear that banks and, well, banks, are pushing the cashless society agenda. I for one will gladly submit to going cashless. That is if we are talking about doing away with our fiat paper currency, the Federal Reserve note. How about we replace those notes, not with digital currency (hell no!), but with something tangible, say silver and gold? I wonder what kind of effect that would have on our economy?! It would stop the Federal Reserve (not federal, nor with any “reserves”) from dictating our monetary policy any further, and let the markets naturally control themselves once again. That would be a start.


I was listening to a radio program on investing and retirement last week and one thing struck me more than anything else. The host was talking about one of his clients. The client had explained the logic of how to cope with tumbling values in his portfolio as he had learned it from his financial adviser. The client wanted to get out, to save as much of his investment as he could. The adviser simply told him he needed to “let it ride.” Anyone every gamble? Ever heard that phrase in person, or perhaps in a movie? It’s a term used in casinos. The adviser was plainly stating that his approach to investing, and thereby stating that investing in the stock market- stocks, bond, mutual funds, hedge funds, and so on- is nothing more than gambling with your money.

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