Robert in Las Vegas is studying for an exam so he doesn’t have to take certain math classes when he goes back to college.  He sent me some algebra problems that didn’t make sense to him. They make less sense to me, I am sure.  I haven’t used algebra since…ever, as far as I can tell.

I looked online for answers to the question “Why do I need to learn algebra”. I didn’t really find an answer as to why I need it. “Algebra is used in everyday life” is not an answer. (Perhaps we should learn how to write supportive sentences for our arguments.) The best answers I found went something like this:  “Why not learn something for fun rather than to pass a test and then forget it”, and then “in case you work for an Algerian underwear manufacturer”. That is the best.

I can’t forget to mention the fact that I was “taught” algebra in high school by one of the football coaches. Maybe that had something to do with why I didn’t “learn” it?


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