Ukraine’s Internet Army and Their Army of Drones

9 November 2022

I have been researching the use of drones in modern warfare for some time now. My thoughts presently focus on their use in Ukraine of course, and their effectiveness there. I’ve also turned my focus to the fact that the war in Ukraine is like none other ever fought. Ukraine has a worldwide Internet Army online,  using social media, internet marketing, and worldwide networks to support, fund, and promote their free and sovereign country in its fight against Russian aggression. The effectiveness of the Ukrainian government and its Army- all facets of it- lies in their ability to mobilise people in support of their cause, it lies in their unity of purpose as a society, a nation, and a people in their fight against Russia. It is a battle they have been fighting for the last century, and far longer. The people of Ukraine know that now is the time for them to end the fight once and for all, as victors. This is why Ukraine is winning on the battlefield, and will win the war, and a big part of why Russia will lose. This is why the US, Europe, NATO, and the world must support them to the final victory.

If you are interested in helping fund the fight in Ukraine, a very effective way to help is to donate to the Ukrainian Army of Drones.  The link takes you to the page that outlines the requirements for direct donation of drones, and where to send them. You will also find a link on that page where you can donate funds to the cause.

Ukraine is winning. Russia is losing. Russian combat losses and war dead as of today:

Russian combat losses and dead in Ukraine as of 09 NOV. 2022.






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