Revisiting Stalin’s Soviet Union Today- Don’t Paint Your Nails the Wrong Color

23 April 2022

I could not pass up reposting this report and its images from the Telegram channel Ищи своих.  This type of “enforcement” smacks of Stalin’s methods for the purges. Back then any “infraction”, meaning in pretext whether true or fabricated, could be used against any citizen as cause for their arrest, torture, and execution.

Here is the translation through Google Translate of the original Ukrainian post:

Detentions for the blue-yellow color in Russia.

👉 In the center of Moscow, a girl was grabbed by the police for her manicure in the color of the Ukrainian flag. Two protocols were drawn up against her about allegedly discrediting the Russian army and violating the rules for holding a public event.

👉 And in Pskov, the police came to a woman who had a blue and yellow fence. They said that these colors are undesirable in the Russian Federation while the war is going on in Ukraine. The fence was forced to be repainted completely blue.

Russian arrested for having wrong color of nail polish. Russians harassed for having the wrong color of fence.



2 Responses to “Revisiting Stalin’s Soviet Union Today- Don’t Paint Your Nails the Wrong Color”

  1. eurobrat Says:

    Wow!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they do this sort of stuff, but…it’s still shocking to me.

  2. Shocking, absolutely. They are returning to a darker time. But there are people who are resisting, and there will be more. I will continue to believe that the taste of freedom that the last 30 years has afforded will cause Putin’s downfall. There is no other choice.

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