The Foresight of Mojo Nixon- The Limited, Macys, Kmart, and Sears

11 January 2017

With the recent demise of all of The Limited’s brick and mortar stores- that would be the closing of its remaining 250 stores down from about 750 total back when malls were the craze, the writing on the wall is getting clearer.  What else happened in the last week? Macy’s is closing another 68 of its stores, 109 Kmarts will close, and 41 Sears stores will close.  And that is just the “big guys” that are going under. The full list is much bigger.

What does all this mean? First, the loss of what, 20,000 jobs? That will increase our overall unemployment rate, currently at an adjusted rate of about 5% (unadjusted it is somewhere around double that, if not more- pay attention to media nuances and verbiage!) It will make our sluggish economy even more so. But more importantly it will make one of my lifelong dreams a little bit closer to coming true. One day I am going to drive my truck through the empty and abandoned shopping malls of America, I am going to spin doughnuts in the food court, and take a leak in the fountain in the middle, the one right near the Orange Julius. All the while vintage Mojo Nixon will be blaring from my speakers. Mark my words, it won’t be too much longer.


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