Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump

19 March 2016

About 8 years ago I was assured by certain of my inlaws that Obama the president was going to save our country, and most likely the entire world. I laughed to myself and changed the subject, something I often do. Now I am hearing the same speech once again, that this Sanders character is going to save our country, and probably the entire world. Another answer to all our problems has been found! I counter with my usual argument: there is no difference between any of these people- Obama, Clinton (Bill), Bush (take your pick), Clinton (Hillary), Sanders, Trump, Cruz, etc. and so on. There is no difference, and nothing will change. Unless…. Here is where Donald Trump as our president may force national, and even global change, in one way or another.

Most people fear any kind of change, be they rich, poor, or in between. Change brings pain, suffering, maybe even wailing and gnashing of teeth. Change can be hellish, even if the ultimate outcome is a positive one. In psychology there is the “dark night of the soul”, the hitting bottom before the suffering can end. To bring about meaningful change, often times symbolic death and rebirth must occur. Think of the phoenix burning and then rising from the ashes. This is what has to happen. Trump may destroy the delicate balance we call our civilisation; if so, a greater one will rise out of the ashes (it won’t take much.) I think we have a better chance of its destruction with Trump than any of the others.

On the other hand, Donald Trump may be a perfectly adequate and capable president. He seems to be standing against the globalist government now in control. The establishment political elite certainly hate him- he seems to pose a direct threat to their plans. He may do away with “free trade” agreements whereby past presidents have given away American jobs and undermined the American dream. He may bring those jobs back, he may revitalise cities, he may stop nepotism, illegal immigration, and corporate control of our government. It might happen.

But it might not. The first outcome is a distinct possibility. If it is, I’ll have a new motto: Tumpocalypse now!

Either way, it’s a chance I am willing to take.


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