Momentary Observation: Berzelius Windrip and Bernie Sanders

6 March 2016

Some of my observations frighten me more than others. Having recently read Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, and after making the connection, I am more than a little frightened.

In Lewis’s satirical novel, down-to-earth presidential candidate Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip wins over the population- and ultimately wins the presidential race-  with his “average man” act, his denunciation of everything that is wrong, his lists of social reforms he will enact, and his other  popular promises. One of those promises- the most germane to our current situation- is his promise of “checks for everyone.”  Buzz Windrip promised everyone a check for $5000. For the record, no one ever got them.

Of course, there have been many comparisons made of Windrip and other candidates, namely Trump. But they are far off the mark, and the Windrip/ Sanders connection can’t be beat. Read It Can’t Happen Here, and give it some thought.


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