So It’s Halloween, And I’ve Been Planning…

31 October 2015

And I’ve been wondering why I’ve been planning my Halloween costume for so long? Why do I, why do so many of us put so much time and energy and effort into this “holiday”? The reason is simple, and summed up nicely by Jello Biafra and crew in the song “Halloween“. You can listen to the song on Youtube, and you probably should.

The summary answer: Halloween presents everyone with one chance a year to become someone or something else. One time each year we can let go, we can dress up and become our alter-egos, the person we would rather be, the Tyler Durden hidden deep inside. And the best part is that we are accepted as that person. Our fantasies are fulfilled, our year-long dream realised.

But what does this tell us about our lives? This is the real question we should be asking. Jello addresses it clearly, but it boils down to examining the costumes we wear for the other 364 days of the year. Monday we’re back in our cubicle- the yoke is still around our neck, the bills are still there, the car still needs work, we still wish we were someone else.

So what do we do about it? Take the plunge, make every day Halloween.


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