“Affordable” Health Care and the Presidential Election

24 October 2015

I am not one to waste much time on the political process. Yes, I used the word “waste” very intentionally. But for this election I plan to pay attention. I am going to become a one issue voter. And that issue is health care.

Yesterday I received a call from my insurance agent who informed me that my current plan, which had been grandfathered in when so-called “affordable care” came along, will not be renewed next year. My monthly costs had already more than doubled since things become affordable. I am now paying close to $750 dollars a month for three of us. Our bill was about $350 a month on my small business plan for the exact same coverage before becoming affordable. Our monthly bill may rise another $100 or $150 a month I am told. I can only take so much of this.

So, my plan for the election will be to support the candidate who will do away with this affordable care menace completely. Plain and simple. That will be my one issue. I do not care if Roe v. Wade is abolished, I do not care if every felon and certified lunatic is given an assault weapon, I do not care if we finally end up at war with Russia, or if we send the military to our southern border. As long as my one issue is resolved.

God bless America.



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