The World In Opposition, Food For Thought

7 September 2015

Life is full of dichotomies and conundrums, contradictions and paradoxes. In a sense, all that we do is contradictory, life just one big paradox. Here are just a few that come to mind. We claim to “care”, yet drive our cars every day, thus degrading the environment in SO many ways, putting our lives and the lives of others at risk, wasting precious moments, and for some hours and hours of their lives DAILY, and so on. We continue to live in and build these ridiculous boxes we call houses that are inefficient, wasteful, senselessly designed, and in most cases just plain ugly. The same goes for our work places. And then there is the main culprit- commerce and advertising and marketing, and how we are conditioned to NEED so much, that we MUST have, lest we be inadequate and looked down upon by our peers and people we don’t know and will never know.  Buy, buy, BUY!

Strange creatures, these Homo sapiens.

I always carry a notebook along with me- usually a passport-size Fauxdori in my cargo pocket (personally made copy of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook);  if I am in the bush it is a Rite in the Rain waterproof pocket notebook; in my bag every day it is a Rhodia Meeting Book. Notebooks? Yes, you write in them with pens or pencils- mostly fountain pens in my case. But my point here is what I write. On most every day I find myself observing these contradictions in life, and I make note of them- momentary observations I call them. Sometimes they are pages and pages of anthropological notes, other times nothing more than two opposing words. My recent favorite pair, which prompted this post, are PROGRESS OR DECLINE. How about that for contemporary, conflicting terms to describe… the street I live on, the entire world around me, and really everything in between? (Maybe even what goes on in my mind?)

Just food for thought, as you move on through the day.


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