Speaking of Rain… and Science

9 May 2015

I was peering up at the ceiling of our flat-roofed, 1950’s porch addition with a flashlight last night, watching small drops of water form before falling onto the floor. It has been pouring rain here in Boulder county for days now. It fell heavy yesterday and through the night, a rain almost reminiscent of the rain that brought our floods a year and half back. The leak has since been found and fixed, but not before it got me thinking about a certain genre of scientific studies.

Everyone is probably familiar with the studies telling us mother’s milk is more beneficial to children than cow’s milk or canned formula. Or the studies about how people who exercise live longer and are healthier than those who sit on the couch all their lives. Or one of my personal favorites, how reading is better for young children than watching television. Let’s call them studies of the obvious.

Is this what it takes, a study of the obvious presented in written form, and then of course condensed into a sound bite or printed, columnar summary, for us to believe what we already know? Is it necessary for these studies to be performed in order to validate the most simple, obvious truths? Are we as a society in such a place that someone, or some entity has to tell us everything before it becomes true and valid? It looks that way.

How about these: washing your hands prevents disease, eating fruits and vegetables is better for you than eating fast food, building cities of millions upon millions of people in a desert will not work. Did you know these things? It certainly doesn’t take any sort of genius to understand any of it. Oh, that last one? I may have sneaked that one in. Is there a study that tells us we shouldn’t put a city of ten million people for example, in the middle of a desert?  If not, we need to get right on it and fund one, get it out to the people so they can take action.  Or in most cases, just sit on their asses and do nothing.

In the meantime, Phoenix, Las Vegas, southern California- sorry, but it will soon become obvious and validated that you do not belong.



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