Life Insurance, Semantics, Speaking the Truth

17 April 2015

As I was filing yesterday’s mail (meaning the recycle bin or the shredder) I was suddenly struck by the topic of one of the pieces of mail. Life insurance. What exactly does that mean? Now, I know this idea is nothing new. I bet there are hundreds of blogs on the topic. But still, the question I ask is why is it called “life insurance” when it has nothing to do with saving, protecting, or prolonging my actual life? The fact is that it should be called “death insurance”. That would be more accurate and fitting. It in fact has nothing to do with my life, only with the lives of those that may still be living after I am gone. In the meantime it provides more cash for gigantic corporations to use to further manipulate and control our economic futures…but you have heard that story before.

In the end it is just a matter of semantics, word play, double entendre.  Either way, it is yet another of those lies that are daily thrust upon us, and which we blindly accept, along with prices for goods, pollution, traffic, overcrowding, and the lies of politicians- all favorite topics of mine.

The next time you receive a brochure for life insurance, take the time to look it over. Perhaps even take a few minutes to make a call to the provider and suggest to them that they clarify the name a bit, and perhaps just call it as it is.


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