Marijuana, Walmart, and a Really Happy Meal

6 February 2015

I read recently where Walmart may try their hand in the recreational marijuana industry, that is, start dealing drugs. It seems sound- diversification is always good. And their stores are already strategically located, their marketing already targeted at the audience who… might want to buy this product from them.  And why shouldn’t Walmart join the party? It just makes good business sense.

Once Walmart takes the plunge, who will be next on the list of corporate drug dealers? I have a personal request, and judging from recent earnings reports for this company, they might be amenable to my suggestion. McDonalds, listen up- you need to create a special meal for Colorado- it will be called the “Really Happy Meal.”  Do you see where I’m going with this? Instead of a toy, there will be a dime bag. Or maybe there could be a whole menu of recreational additives- a gram, a quarter ounce, even just one little joint to get you home after you eat your burger and fries. But remember kids, don’t drive while impared.


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