What Next for Colorado, Prostitution?

5 February 2015

As someone who comes from one of the most immoral states in the country, that would be a western state starting with “N” and ending with “a” (no offense to my family and friends in the Silver State), I feel obligated to mention my recent thoughts on the long-term visions of the state of Colorado. Having lived in Colorado for over 20 years now, I have seen the legalisation, and therefore legitimisation, of gambling, Sunday liquor sales, and now marijuana. Of course the underlying reason for their “acceptance” by us, the citizens, as fed to us by the state, is purely economic- all of these are revenue-generating enterprises. By revenue-generating I mean tax-generating, which makes the state happy.

My question is, where does it end? Colorado was the first to “legalise” marijuana, and for that we are on the cutting edge of society. Who knows where this might take us? What other unquestionably dubious and parasitic enterprises might the state undertake? One comes to mind for me, being from the state where it is already legal- prostitution. Come on Colorado, let’s get on board! If we are going to be loose, immoral, promote deviance, and further degrade the already tenuous lives of more American people in the name of economic progress, let’s add prostitution to the list!



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