It’s Called a Loading Zone

3 February 2015

I own a business in Boulder, Colorado, on Pearl Street. It is just west of the walking mall for those familiar with the area. This means I have parking in front of my store, and also have a loading zone. Of course I share it with other businesses in the area. It is quite a handy thing- I use it nearly every morning to unload things from my truck. Other businesses use it frequently as well. Many of our delivery drivers park there. Our customers also use it- when they buy something big, or heavy, or cumbersome enough, they park there to load their vehicles. There is another loading zone just across the street, used by businesses and their customers on that side of the street. I suppose these facts should be obvious enough, and I shouldn’t have to list the uses and benefits of a parking place. But I do want to be clear about it, because here in Boulder, especially at the west end of Pearl street, we have a problem with the use of our loading zones.

It seems that a lot of people misread the sign- they seem to think it is a “get loaded zone”, instead of loading zone. Now, the first point I would like to make is that pot is still federally illegal. Next, it is illegal to use it in public. And finally, it sure as heck is illegal to drive to a public place, park, and smoke the stuff sitting inside of your car.

I just wanted to make sure that this is clear to anyone visiting Pearl Street in Boulder, as it feels like a lot of people who are taking advantage of Colorado’s new… laws… really don’t understand them.


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