Why People Must Follow So Closely in Traffic

8 December 2014

A couple of weeks back we drove over the mountains for a long weekend in Moab. The front range and Moab are different in so many ways, it would be nearly impossible to list them all. One of those differences that I can speak to, that always presents itself to me, no matter what time of year it is, is the way people drive.  This trip I developed my overall theory about driving habits, or at least one part of that theory, a bit further. The epiphany I had while on the road certainly supports what I have come up with so far.

This trip it hit me why people feel they must travel 5 feet behind me in traffic. Of course there are quite a number of reasons why this might be: they feel they will arrive at their destination sooner, they feel like they are winning if the out distance the person next to them in traffic, and no doubt many people are angry while driving and driving aggressively helps release some of that anger.

But here is my latest reason, which is really supported when you look at the overall state of our populace: they must follow so closely because they have the mentality of sheep. If this is the case, and since people seem to be constantly following right behind me, that means that I must be the goat.

Did I lose you? In the southwest, down in southern Utah and northern Arizona where we spend so much time, we often encounter flocks of sheep. You never find a flock with a goat or two, and of course a few dogs. The dogs are there for protection. The goats are there to lead the sheep, who would be lost otherwise. The goats are smart. The sheep are…sheep. The goats lead, the sheep follow. They bunch up in tight groups, never straying far (if they do the dogs set them straight.) They follow the goat and the goat keeps them safe. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

Well, I am not here to keep you safe. So just back off.

If this offends you, I won’t apologise. Instead, I would ask that you take a look at your driving, and your deeper personal character.

A very nice goat whom I met recently out in the desert.

A very nice goat I met recently while out in the desert.


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