Fight Club, and Orwell

9 November 2014

Every 3 or 4 years I watch Fight Club. Honestly, that is about all I can handle of the movie. The same can be said for Orwell’s 1984– I make it a point to read it every few years or so. In either case, indulging more frequently is… counterproductive.  Perhaps “depressing” would be a better term. It is certainly not the content of either that brings me down. It is the fact that Emmanuel Goldstein does not exist, it is the fact that there are no Fight Clubs, no Project Mayhem, no Tyler Durden.

On the bright side, either one- today it is Fight Club- reminds me to take a look around, look at who I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going. Maybe I’ll make a change in my agenda today because of it. Maybe it will have a lasting effect. At the very least it adds a small ray of hope to the insanity that passes for life in this Orwellian futuristic dystopia that we passively accept and believe is “normal life”. At least that is always my hope.

If not, Ikea is open till 7 tonight. I still have time to shop.



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