Reaching Out, and Punching in the Face

8 November 2014

I have a retail business, among other endeavors for making a living. Being in retail opens me up to a lot of unsolicited emails and phone calls. Most of them are pretty harmless, and are people truly trying to connect with me about selling their product or using their services. We are all just making a living. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I applaud everyone who is out there giving life a try, and not sitting on a couch living off of my taxes. But that is another story.

What really gets to me are trends, and especially trends in terminology. When I get emails and phone calls from people who seem genuine, I don’t have a problem with listening to them, hearing what they have to say, assessing whether their product or service is for us. But then there are those calls from full-on salespeople, and people who are following the current trends in business terminology- equally annoying to me. They usually give themselves away in the first sentence. The surest way for them to do this is to explain how they are “reaching out” to me.

Reaching out? Please explain what you mean by that….  Is this an intervention? Did someone close to me just die and are you tasked with breaking the news? Am I in some kind of trouble? Are you some kind of pervert? What exactly are you reaching for? You’d better just back off before someone gets hurt.

To all potential vendors, suppliers, providers, and general salespeople- please choose another way to get my attention if you call me.

Reach out to me and expect a fist in return.



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