Disconnecting From My iPhone

20 June 2014

One year and 9 months. That is how long I was able to stand my iPhone. It worked fine for about the first 3 months. Then overnight I started having trouble making and receiving calls, and sending and receiving texts. Forget about anything having to do with data. Mostly this was from my house, and my nearby studio, and my office about 10 miles away. And many places on the road in between. So I guess it was everywhere. What caused it? Apple’s operating system upgrade? A bad antenna? My Sprint (lack of) service? My personal contempt for the iPhone since day one (why did I ever give up my Razr)? How about all of the above? Sprint did not care and offered no help by the way. But the point is that endless dropped calls is not a good way to conduct business, so I had to take action.

Well, the iPhone is gone. And in 3 months the Sprint (lack of) service will be gone too. And I will be a happier person. I’m looking at the Nokia 515 feature phone as a replacement. Feature phone, not “smart” phone. (I’ll let you in on a little secret- they are phones- they are not smart!)

Oh, and the fate of my iPhone? It kind of… fell out the window of my truck on the highway. Safely for traffic mind you, but not for the phone. Let’s call it a quick disconnect. In hindsight this probably wasn’t the best idea, on a few different levels. But it was certainly satisfying.

So now I am disconnected from it, feeling much better. It’s as if I have been saved by Harvey Keitel from some insidious religious cult (I look nothing like Kate Winslet). But I have regained a part of my life that was assimilated amongst the FASCiST Phone zombies that populate our planet. No more association with the bleary- eyed, screen-staring masses with their phones permanently attached to their hands, thank you very much.  What a relief.



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