Jeopardy- Real or Imagined?

28 October 2011

So my latest theory has to do with the game show called Jeopardy! I have seen the show maybe twice in my life. This fact does not really support the theory that I present here, but hey, this is the internet. And I do have a theory about it. Perhaps this can be applied to other game shows as well.

First, are the people who are on the shows for real? I mean, are they real people? Has anyone every done any research into their backgrounds? Does anyone actually know Helen the school teacher from Topeka, or Jim the factory worker from Kalkaska, Michigan? The reason  I bring up this point is that such research would support my theory. Or of course it could destroy it, but I won’t go there.

The people you see on Jeopardy! are all actors. They submit their resumes and head shots at the studio and are picked on their ability to portray a character. Said characters were created long ago by the studio and there has been very little deviation in their descriptions over the years; enjoys history, needle point, volunteering, choir, teaches 3rd grade, lives in a suburb, wears a tie with a sleeveless v-neck sweater, bought her dress on vacation in Florida last year, etc., and so on. Must have been exciting coming up with those contestant profiles.

Next topic on my agenda: Air Guitar- Learned or Innate?


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