Exploding Squirrels

30 November 2009

Yesterday I was lying on the couch, something I try to do every now and then, staring out the window, half asleep. I was jolted awake by the sound of an explosion. It was close by, next door, or in the alley I thought. I noticed immediately that the refrigerator motor went off, then confirmed that the power had gone out by a glance at the darkened clock on the stove.

I have heard the sound of power blowing out before, and specifically the power that feeds our house. It was now confirmed that the problem was in our alley. I walked to the back door, looked up, and instantly noticed the bloody, flayed squirrel carcass stuck on part of the assembly next to the transformer, high up on the power pole. I confirmed the sight with binoculars- our squirrel friend had tried crossing at the wrong point, and was blown inside out.

The power was restored later in the afternoon. But for some reason, the squirrel carcass was left there. It is only a foot from the breaker that had to be reset. Whoever restored our power didn’t feel it was important to knock the carcass to the ground. So now we have a decaying squirrel carcass to watch out our back door, thirty feet up on the power pole in our alley. I already checked on it today; there hasn’t been much change.


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